Le Blog Secret Velvet, bijoux fantaisies gourmands en pâte fimo

Behind the scenes of Secret Velvet


Overview of the brand


The Secret Velvet® brand was born in March 2010 from the imagination of Marie Dehayes, a designer from Bordeaux. Secret Velvet® is a cosy boudoir offering sweet jewellery to consume without moderation! In this lounge of delights sprinkled with softness, emphasize has been placed by the designer on scrumptious accessories: earrings, rings and necklaces translate into fantasies to be displayed.


The collections are updated very regularly, which is why the shop offers jewellery in limited quantity. Original and offbeat, Secret Velvet offers discreet and realistic jewellery, made of polymer clay.


A Universe


The Secret Velvet® atmosphere is really unique as it is the result of different worlds: cosy boudoir, candy box and childhood memories... the smell of chocolate cakes mixing with the vision of the ribbon and bead workshops; a small lounge where boundaries become a dream!


Inspired by the greatest French pâtisseries and the traditional delicacies, the brand pays tribute to unabashed pleasures.


Marie, the designer


Created in 2010 by Marie DEHAYES, Secret Velvet® is a decidedly trendy brand. After having passed her literary baccalaureate, Marie turned to the Beaux-Arts (fine arts) schools of Tours and Paris where she passed her years with flying colours. Tired of this course, she then naturally turned to a diploma in design in Bordeaux which
she passed with honours. She joined several companies as a graphic designer until she became an Artistic Director.


From photographer to graphic designer to web designer, fashion designer, event planner, Marie took on multiple roles and created her company while she was still working as an Artistic Director. A year later, in the light of Secret Velvet®'s success, she left everything and threw herself in this sweet adventure.


Today, Secret Velvet® has opened its first shop in France, after two years of existence on the Internet. A journey that is not about to stop according to Marie, who has big plans for the years to come…