Frequently asked questions

My order will be ready in how long?

Upon receipt of payment, we will prepare your order within 2-3 days if the jewelry is in stock. An email notification will be sent.

Warning: the online store depends his studio at 18 rue Castillon Bordeaux. No orders will be shipped on Saturday or Monday.

What are the dimensions of your jewelry?

Each piece is designed to be unobtrusive while being detailed. For vials we use two formats: the first so-called "extended" measures 3.5 inches high including stopper and 1.3 cm wide.

To the vial called "broad" (like a jar), it measures 3 inches high including stopper and 2 cm large.Les vials caps are always glued to the super glue to prevent the opening of the vial.

Our necklaces are mostly mounted on small silver ball chain with 1, 5 mm with a length of 70 cm. You will find in general dimensions of the jewel in its description.

What is your jewelry made​​?

The Secret Velvet ® creations are made from polymer clay by hand. This dough that resembles dough, when cooked makes it look plastic jewelry.

Should not anneal jewelry Secret Velvet ®. Some jewelry using different pasta directly to some dry air in 24 hours.

How to preserve and care for my jewelry?

To preserve your jewelery, avoid contact with water. When a node has a jewel, it is a glue tape to prevent it from unraveling.

Jewelry Secret Velvet ® are not designed to go to sea, swimming pool or in the shower. Also avoid putting perfume on silver chains.

Is all your jewelry is handmade?

Yes, absolutely. No process of industrialization is taken into account in your jewelry Secret Velvet ®. However, many people are likely to be involved in the realization of your jewelry.

Initially, jewelery Secret Velvet entièremment were made by hand in our workshop. 2 years, the brand experienced tremendous growth we're forced to outsource part of the production in order to continue to meet the demand to always satisfy you.

All ceramic elements are produced in England. Much of elements in polymer clay is produced in Thailand by artisans, by hand.

We work closely with designers who have the technical means to produce in larger quantities in our workshop.

All jewelry is assembled and mounted in France and French are derived from concepts by our company, Secret Velvet ®.

I have no news of my parcel, what now?

Secret Velvet ® is in no way responsible for any loss or damage during the delivery of the package.

Do not hesitate to contact us that your package has not arrived and we will intervene with the Postal Services.

Les statuts de votre commande
Preparation courses

The payment of your order has been validated, it is currently being prepared in our workshop. The time can vary from 10 minutes to 48 hours.

Being delivered

Go! Your order has been filed with the Post Office and you receive your tracking number. She is currently on its way to your mailbox.


One or several products (eg fake cupcakes) Your order is currently in backorder. This is a period that can vary from 48 hours to 3 weeks.

Being exchanged

We await your return in order to make the exchange.

Available at the store

Your order will be available at the shop at 18 rue Castillon Bordeaux from Tuesday to Friday from 11h to 14h and from 15h to 18h30 and Saturday from 11am to 18:30 without interruption.

J'ai vu des bijoux qui ressemblent aux vôtres sur internet, est-ce normal?

Nous travaillons avec des créateurs qui réalisent  nos prototypes, à la main car Secret Velvet n'est pas équipé pour travailler à grande échelle. Malheureusement, Secret Velvet n'achète pas tous les droits d'exclusivités sur chaque modèle.

Il est donc fort possible que vous puissiez trouver un modèle d'un bijou soit vendu par le créateur original lui même soit par un revendeur. Cette pratique ne nous convient pas car ce sont nos idées que nous faisons réaliser, basés sur nos prototypes (exemple : canelés, religieuses, saint-honoré etc...).

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